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What Medicare costs
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What does Medicare cost? 

The standard Medicare Part B monthly premium will be $104.90 in January 2013, an increase of $5.00 from the 2012 amount of $99.90.

Some Medicare beneficiaries will continue to pay higher Medicare part b premiums based on their modified adjusted gross income. The monthly Medicare part b premiums that include income-related adjustments for 2013 will be $146.90, $209.80, $272.70, or $335.70, depending on the extent to which an individual beneficiaries modified adjusted gross income exceeds $85,000 (or $170,000 for a married couple). The highest premium rate applies to beneficiaries whose incomes exceed $214,000 (or $428,000 for a married couple). The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services estimates that about 5 percent of Medicare beneficiaries pay the larger income-adjusted premiums. (see Medicare part b premium chart)

Also, Medicare beneficiaries will pay income related adjustments for their Medicare Part D  (prescription drug coverage plans). Beginning in 2011, the Affordable Care Act required Part D beneficiaries whose modified adjusted gross income exceeds the same income thresholds that apply to Part B premiums to also pay a monthly adjustment amount. These beneficiaries will pay the regular plan premium to their Part D plan and will pay the income-related adjustment to the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB). In 2013, the adjustment amount ranges from $11.60 to $66.60.
Medicare Supplemental Insurance
What does Medicare cost
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Medicare Supplemental insurance, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Part D has gotten more complicated nearly every year. In 2010 Medicare Supplement Insurance added new plans M and N and eliminated other Medicare Supplement options. Medicare Advantage insurance plans redefine benefits and premiums every year. And, withfuture medicare subsidies uncertain and all the new and coming regulation from healthcare reform who can keep up. For many individuals Medicare Supplement Insurance is becoming the appropriate selection, for others Medicare Advantage works just fine. Unfortunately, comparing Medicare Supplemental Insurance (Medigap) and Medicare Advantage plans can be a time consuming endeavor. Our highly trained insurance advisors can explain all of your supplemental Insurance options, and assist in finding the supplement and Medicare Part D that best fits your specific needs. With all the options affecting Supplement insurance and Part D it makes sense to have an expert assist you through the maze. 

The right Medicare Supplemental insurance and Part D plan will save you 100's of dollars each year and $1,000's over time. Our experts will explain the popular Medicare Supplement Plan N research the best Part D plan based on your specific drug usage, and recommend a plan that fit you – not the insurance company. This is critical, Insurance companies can only recommend their plans. Insurance agents usually have only one or two choices, and limited options for Part D. Often overlooked, the wrong Part D insurance could cost you $1,000 of dollars more than it should. This is all provided by our advisors at no cost to you, and no salesman will visit your home.... We look forward to working together.

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Our goal is to resolve all the confusion associated with Medicare Insurance. Then we'll assist in selection of the most competitive insurance option available in your area from all the highest rated carriers. Our committment is to provide thebest priced solution in your area, and assure you find...


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